What my camera sees/ What I see

Shortly after I started using my Big Pinhole camera, I realised I was getting a lot of interested people appear in front of it, curious as to what was going on. I began to realise it might be fun to record things like this while I was pinholing. This thought grew into a sense that even without such curiosity, it is quite an interesting exercise to show the time passing as the pinhole is taking an image and then show the final still image afterwards. Now, the shortest shots I take with the 'Pinholemoth' are of the order of 12 minutes & I don't want to bore you all to tears!

Here then, is 2 (ish) minutes from the perspective of my pinhole, taken on a Polaroid cube attached to the top. The final image is then shown at the end. if nothing else this should show how amazingly wide the Pinholemoth actually is as you will see, I am very close to this building. 

So there you have it. A short slice of what I see while pinholing. I plan to do more of these and, hopefully, have some more interesting interactions with people but as a test I am pleased. Here is the original image.